Wait 'Til Last Year

The regular season starts this weekend. I, for one, am looking forward to a strong season from an exciting young Red Sox core returning from a division title.

AL East Standings

The Red Sox have put a pretty good team on the field. I see us being able to repeat our win total from last season, and to once again win the division. I actually see less competition in the AL East this year. Toronto's sluggers are aging, the Yankees are younger than before, the Rays haven't invested in their team, and the Orioles did not take a step forward. New York manages to have a winning season, because they always seem to.

1)Red Sox 94-68

2) Orioles 87-75

3) Blue Jays 87-75

4) Yankees 82-80

5) Rays 73-89

AL Central Standings

The Tigers have several Hall of Very Good players and Hall of Famers that seem to be able to defy age into their mid thirties. I think Detroit has one last roar and wins a top heavy division title. The Indians experience regression across the board, but still give the Tigers a pennant race and pick up a wild card. The Royals may have a lot of all star selections, but that is taken with a grain of salt in the standings. The Twins are turning the corner, and the White Sox are rebuilding. Moncada has a 2-3 WAR season as a near-regular.

1) Tigers 92-70

2) Indians 90-72*

3) Royals 78-84

4) Twins 77-85

5) White Sox 68-94

AL West Standings

The AL Old West comes down to a duel between the Rangers and the Astros. Texas beats Houston, and the Astros pick up the second wild card. The A's, under the spell of a magic Beane, manage to be mediocre. The Mariners disappoint, behind an aging King Felix and Nelson Cruz. Robinson Cano gets MVP consideration, though. The Angels finish dead last and trade Mike Trout to the Yankees for Garry Sanchez.

1) Rangers 93-69
2) Astros 89-73*
3) A's 81-81
4) Mariners 79-83
5) Angels 67-95

NL East Standings

The Nationals fend off the Mets and a resurgent young Phillies team to win yet another division title. Rest assured that Bryce Harper only hits .265 with 28 homers. The Marlins finish in fourth, although Stanton stays on the field and leads the league in homers. Signing two 42 years olds to fill out the back end of their rotation shockingly fails, and the Braves get fifth.

1) Nationals 95-67

2) Mets 88-75

3) Phillies 86-76

4) Marlins 75-87

5) Braves 70-92

NL Central Standings

The Cubs take a step backwards, but still win 97 games. St. Louis returns to its winning ways, picking up a wild card and making a long postseason run. Pittsburgh rebounds behind a vintage Andrew McCutchen and makes the postseason after beating the Mets in Game 163. The Reds and Brewers endure rebuilding seasons.

1) Cubs 97-65

2) Cardinals 91-71*

3) Pirates 89-74*

4) Brewers 69-93

5) Reds 65-97

NL West Standings

The Dodgers ride their 250 million dollar payroll to a division title. The Giants avoid the curse of a losing season on an odd year, but fail to make the playoffs. The Rockies post a winning season on the backs of good draft classes. The Orsillo-led Padres pick up fourth, and the Shelby Miller Trade and Zach Greinke signing regulate the Diamondbacks to fifth.

1) Dodgers 95-67

2) Giants 85-77

3) Rockies 83-79

4) Padres 75-87

5) Diamondbacks 70-92


AL MVP: Robinson Cano

AL Cy Young: Corey Kluber

AL Rookie of the Year: Andrew Benintendi

NL MVP: Anthony Rizzo

NL Cy Young: Clayton Kershaw

NL Rookie of the Year: Dansby Swanson

AL/NL Comeback Player of the Year: Pablo Sandoval


AL WC Game : Indians over Astros

NL WC Game: Cardinals over Pirates

ALDS 1 :Red Sox over Indians

ALDS 2 : Rangers over Tigers

NLDS 1: Cardinals over Cubs

NLDS 2: Dodgers over Nationals

ALCS: Rangers over Red Sox

NLCS: Dodgers over Cardinals

World Series: Dodgers over Rangers