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MLB has an official hot dog and it’s not the Fenway Frank

Is Nathan’s Famous about to face off against the Fenway Frank?

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MLB: Boston Red Sox at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Once a year Nathan’s Famous hot dogs enter our collective consciousness as people with names like Joey Chestnut eat as many as possible in one of the great food spectacles in history. As of yesterday though, the hot dog born on Coney Island - Yankees territory! - has won a dramatic victory in the court of public consumption: Nathan’s is now the official hot dog of Major League Baseball.

The announcement comes at an awkward time for the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, which is running a hot dog-themed March Madness contest right now. Currently our beloved Fenway Frank is up against what looks like a very sad cylinder of meat offered at Progressive Field.

What does this announcement mean for those ballparks that already have a hot dog of choice? Thankfully little. Per USA Today “The “official” designation won’t affect what hot dogs MLB parks are allowed to serve, although Nathan’s was already the official hot dog of the St Louis Cardinals, Miami Marlins, New York Mets and New York Yankees. So, Dodgers fans, Farmer John will continue to supply Dodger Dogs.” That includes our home on Yawkey Way.

So fans of Kayem’s Fenway Frank are in luck. The famous hot dog isn’t going anywhere.

The next time you hear a vendor yelling for hot dogs, peanuts, and ice cold beverages that dog will be the old friend you’ve grown up with. Not some free agent mercenary just rolling into town with a big marketing deal.

And even if you don’t think the Fenway Frank is great, remember, it’s our hot dog.

Accept no substitutes.

What’s your Fenway Park food order?