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FanPost Friday - Favorite Baseball Game?

There are many ok video games out there for baseball, some are even passable. There’s also the excellent MLB the Show series. Which is your favorite?

Nintendo Releases New 'Switch' Game Console
Mario has starred in a handful of video games himself. Two of these games are in the “Mario Baseball” series. Technically, this would qualify to be someone’s favorite baseball video game. Is it? Only one way to find out!
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

This week, with only two FanPost Fridays separating us from the regular season, we do something relevant, ask what your favorite baseball video game is.

How is this relevant? Well, the new MLB the Show game (which I have had pre-ordered for months, with steelbook!) is coming out on Tuesday, and just like that, I will be a ghost, haunting only my PS4 for the next seven months. Writing for you will not be outofleftfield, but the mere shell of him, as he dedicates the rest of his life to playing every game by every team in every season of franchise mode (15*162, you do the math).

So before this self-induced game-coma comes to fruition, I figure I should ask if there are conflicting opinions.

What is your favorite baseball “game”? It can be a video game, a card game, or any kind of game that you desire. If you chose a video game, what’s your preferred mode of play? Franchise? Career/Road to the Show? Diamond Dynasty? If you chose a card game, how many people do you need to play? Give us details about whichever item/medium you chose.

Video games draw people together. Even bad video games. Card games are very similar. One thing that does not draw people together are screaming children at 7 AM (no, seriously, there are like 3 of them who woke me up at 7 AM. They are at least 10 years old, and just being jerks, playing outside, how dare they). Write about games, not screaming children.