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David Price to seek second opinion on his elbow

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I hate everything.

MLB: Spring Training-St. Louis Cardinals at Boston Red Sox Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN’s Jim Bowden, David Price had an MRI on his elbow and will be seeking a second opinion. Apparently, the lefty felt some forearm discomfort after his latest simulated game and it hasn’t gotten any better. He will be scratched from his start scheduled for Sunday as we wait for more information. John Farrell is “concerned” and expects to see Price visit Dr. James Andrews. Ugh.

This is not what the Red Sox want to hear. Obviously, we don’t really have any information at this point. The hope is that this is just minor inflammation and he’ll just have to take a little time off this spring.

Of course, whenever you hear things like “MRI on elbow,” “forearm discomfort” and “second opinion,” you start to prepare yourself for the worst. David Price has been absurdly durable over his major-league career, making at least 30 starts in all but one year since 2010. Durability is one of the more valuable skills he brings to the table, but we all know that doesn’t last forever. All pitchers are ticking time bombs.

The good news is the Red Sox have the depth at the top of the rotation to sort of make up for this. Obviously, there’s no replacing David Price, especially if he’s as good as his peripherals from last season would suggest. However, having Rick Porcello and Chris Sale makes any potential injury easier to swallow. The flip side of this is that it puts even more pressure on Steven Wright and Drew Pomeranz to get healthy for the start of the season.

Obviously, we’re hoping for the best, but this is a situation in which it’s hard not to think about the worst-case scenarios. We’ll keep a close eye on the situation and update when new information comes out.