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FanPost Friday - Sacrilege!

How could you possibly like a player on another team besides the Boston Red Sox? The good news is, we don’t judge. Much.

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers
One OTM staff writer claims Nolan Arenado is his current favorite non-Sox player. Perhaps they will explain why for the Monday Flyby.
Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Last week’s FanPost Friday was disappointing. So disappointing, that we actually didn’t even have a Monday Flyby. It was really depressing. Truly.

So this week, I figured we’d go back to something a little more basic, and way less specific. This week we’re asking:

Who is your favorite non-Red Sox player, playing in today’s game?

We’re not looking for a historical favorite, that’ll be another prompt in the future. We are looking to see who your favorite player is that isn’t on our team. Is it the 2nd best player in baseball, Mike Trout? Is it the flame throwing thunder god, Noah Syndergaard? Perhaps it’s Jon Lester, a player we once had, before he won a World Series with the Chicago Cubs.

In any of those cases (or one that is you saying your favorite player is Joe Panik - no seriously, we aren’t judging), what we want to find out is what type of player you are most interested in, and why you like them so much. It can be as elaborate as them teaching you that it’s possible for even short guys to pitch well in the majors (Carlos Martinez), or as simple as liking their hair (Syndergaard, etc say hi). All that matters, is you write about it in a FanPost!

See you on Monday... I hope!