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Loot Crate and the Boston Red Sox team up to create monthly swag subscriptions

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The Red Sox are in the first wave of the new Sports Crate

Courtesy of Sports Crate

Imagine a world where you can get a box of cool stuff every month about your favorite baseball team. Posters, stickers, pins, t-shirts, unique collectibles - you name it. That has been a reality for sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming fans for the last few years thanks to Loot Crate. But now, the company behind those monthly subscriptions is building a new product: Sports Crate.

By partnering with Major League Baseball, the crate company will soon offer officially-licensed team-themed products delivered straight to your door. And the Boston Red Sox are one of the first teams whose fans can jump in. The Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers are all part of the first wave and more teams will follow.

Every month a box of team-specific swag, like Red Sox action-figures, will arrive at your door as well as the chance to win “VIP one-of-a-kind experiences.” What are these? We don’t know yet but it’s been hinted at that you could get a chance to warm up with the team before a game, sit in the dugout, or throw out the first pitch - not easy moments to arrange otherwise.

Sports Crate provided a sneak peak of the Rick Porcello action figure showing the defending Cy Young winner with his game face on, ready to face the next batter.

Courtesy of Sports Crate

Their website shows a few more items that could be in a sample box: Sox socks, a t-shirt, a water bottle, other exclusives...

Courtesy of Sports Crate

Does that pique your interest? If you or a friend enjoy neat Red Sox collectibles, action figures, or odds and ends (and maybe a VIP experience of some kind) this might be a nice surprise to open up every month. The subscription is $39.99 a month and you can sign up for the Red Sox box right now.

It might just make you feel like this.