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Red Sox vs. Phillies lineup: It’s the B team for Beantown

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In which the regulars get some rest.

Boston Red Sox v Houston Astros
Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

After a baseball Saturday that saw the Red Sox split a pair of games in spring action and the World Baseball Classic lose its damn mind, the Sox settle in for a lazy Sunday against the Phillies (1:05 p.m., NESN) with a lineup that wouldn’t be out of place in Pawtucket:

  1. Steve Selsky, CF
  2. Josh Rutledge, SS
  3. Pablo Sandoval, 3B
  4. Allen Craig, DH
  5. Blake Swihart, C
  6. Matt Dominguez, 1B
  7. Carlos Quentin, LF
  8. Junior Lake, RF
  9. Mike Miller, 2B

SP: Eduardo Rodriguez

The Phillies counter with Aaron Nola on the mound and a lineup that includes old favorite Daniel Nava batting sixth.

In movie news, I strongly recommend MAX MAD: FURY ROAD BLACK & CHROME edition. Or any edition, really, but I watched that one last night and it rules.