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FanPost Friday - Represent!

One of the most underrated aspects of being a sports fan is getting to wear jerseys that show which team you support. Even better, this is an accepted practice that many people take part in. What jerseys have you collected?

Division Series - Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox - Game Three
David Ortiz’s #34 is being retired. As a result, no one ever again will wear a #34 Red Sox jersey unless they are a fan, showing love for Papi.
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for FanPost Friday! Last week, we had an underwhelming response, and I’m going to assume that’s not going to be the case in future weeks. I’m sure some of us like the World Baseball Classic, but it’s clearly not something people really want to talk a ton about.

So instead, this weekend, we’re going to turn back to looking at the team we all support: the Boston Red Sox (crazy, I know). Everyone here loves the Red Sox, and so, we should really be able to chat about them.

This weekend’s topic is going to be pretty straightforward:

What Red Sox jerseys do you own? List them all, explain how you purchased them, tell us an anecdote about how or why you purchased that/those jersey(s). Additionally, use this time to also divulge whether you have a jersey from another baseball team (minor OR major league). Finally, do you believe wearing a jersey in public (IE - not at a baseball game) is tacky?

That sounds like a lot to write about, but it really isn’t. First, you tell us what jerseys you own, in as much or little detail as you want. If you only own a Mookie Betts jersey, that’s fine, just say “I own a Mookie Betts jersey.” Secondly, if you desire, you can explain why you own that Mookie Betts jersey. This is hardly required, but it would be neat to be given background information, like “I got this jersey from Mookie Betts himself when he skydived into my living room without a parachute without breaking a sweat”. Third, if you own a Sea Dogs jersey, or a Nationals jersey, talk about those as well. Finally, an age old question I don’t have the answer to: “Is it tacky to wear your Red Sox jersey out and about, in your daily lives?” These are burning questions.

I look forward to finding out all of you own Carl Crawford jerseys, or something else that’s basically a skeleton in your closet. As a teaser for my own response, I own a couple jerseys myself, my favorite of which I received as a gift for Christmas. Which one? Find out on the Monday Flyby!

Let’s have a great weekend, everyone. Go Sox!