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Poll time: Choose the best limerick

It’s time to find out: who’s the Poet Laureate of Over the Monster

The limericks that received the most votes (recs) in the comments are presented in no particular order and numbered to match the poll.

1. From .406

2012 was a year to repress.

In ‘13 we high-fived to success.

’14 was a joke.

’15 made me choke.

But ’16’s outfield danced in excess!

2. From: OntoLandsdowneStreet

There once was a fan from Toronto

Who didn’t know what event he had gone to

There was grass and not ice

And the weather was nice

And the Sox beat the Jays pretty pronto

3. From: IStillDream

Without pitching, a team’s aims will fail

Get an ace, and you’ll surely prevail

So Porcello is nice

If he’s for the right Price

But why not one more, he’s on Sale

4. From: BlackWilson

The Sox are the class of the East

On other staffs, our bats will feast

And up on the hill

Our three aces will thrill

Good lord, this team is a beast

5. From: tomisphere

You may not think the sale price was right,

But now we have Sale, Price, and Wright,

And Cy guy Porcello

Who’ll be the last fellow?

Pom? E-Rod? Which lefty is right?

Voting ends this Friday, February 10th at 8:30 AM.

Update: And the winner is #3 by IStillDream. Congratulations!