My rule change would hopefully reduce the chance of injury

I've had a few ideas lately for rule changes that would impact the game every day - fewer than 9 innings, eliminating extra innings, others. But I can't say I'm very passionate about any of them. So as the one rule change I'd make for my contribution to FanPost Friday, I'm going with one that would hardly ever take effect, but that I was quite passionate about back when everybody's bat was breaking six or so years ago, passionate enough to have made previous online comments about it, and to write a previous blog post about it.

I would make a rule that a batter is called out for interference if any portion of their bat, broken or otherwise, flies away from the batter's hands into fair territory and interferes with the fielding of a batted ball, even slightly. The idea is that no fielder should have to make a split-second decision between making the play on a batted ball and avoiding injury as the jagged-edged barrel of a baseball bat spins toward them. Don't make players run into harm's way.

This would have to be umpire's judgement that the fielding play was altered by the flying piece of bat, because if the rule is doing what it's designed to do, the bat will not come into contact with any player during the play.

This rule could have an additional benefit of incentivizing batters to not use bats that are quite so brittle. Then again, the epidemic of splintered bats seems to have subsided a few years back. Then again again, this could apply even to a thrown bat as well.

Someone commented on a previous post I made about this that this was the stupidest idea they'd ever heard. I'm hoping that was just a troll, and someone else might actually find this to be a good idea.