Random Roster Rule Ramblings

This is my first ever Fanpost, so be prepared to be awestruck by its witty majesty.... or Blinded by the grammatical errors. Whatever comes easier to you. as a Preface I would like to say that critiques aren't just welcome, but invited, as how else am I supposed to improve if I don't have you guys calling me an idiot for every misplaced comma. Now onto the post. As you can probably guess from the title I decided to make my new rule changing powers about the current shape of the ML roster. Our beloved 25 Man roster dates all the way back to 1914, and it has always been that way excepting WW1and WW2 when there were less men available to do things like throw a white spheroid around an arbitrarily shaped field. It has tradition, history which is everything in our sport and no one would dare mess with history (except the cubs because, well why not). However that is exactly what I propose we do by adding 3 players to the roster, thus bringing it to a 24 man roster!

Now wait, I can hear you mumble through the plasma screens of your computer (or phone if you’re into that sorta thing). 24 is less than 25 so how can we be adding 3 players? Do I have your attention? I posit that we have actually been playing with 21 man rosters since 1914, we have been bamboozled, and this is my remedy. Starting pitchers need regular rest in between starts, so excepting 19 inning slogs or beanball wars (whatever happened to good old beanball wars?) Starters don't play except on their designated days, leaving teams with 21 players most days. then how do we maintain full rotations? Well my full proposal is a 28 man designated roster with a 24 man active roster. Much like the common suggestion for the remedy of the chaos of September baseball, but that’s a topic for another day.

Now to the pros and con of this proposal, and yes I meant con as in one! The biggest benefit to this is the 90 new jobs in the majors. yes many will be fringe players, but come on, who doesn't love fringe players? And new opportunities mean a greater chance of reaching the majors, means more participation from athletes on the fence of joining baseball, means a bigger fanbase. Boom now I just saved the game, how do you like them apples Manfred? Oh but wait there's more he says in billy mays voice. the new positions created will allow for a greater (cornucopia?) array of talent on the field, pinch runners, defensive specialists, control artists, LOOGYs. each of which has their proponents in the bleachers and on the blogs. so each year we get more stolen bases, more hit and runs, more highlight reel plays, like a baseball skills competition, but better!

My personal favorite reason for this new rule change is the added rest it will give the players. 162 games is a long season, plus the ASG, spring training and the Playoffs. It wears on the body over time shortening careers, wearing down arms(can anyone say Tazawa?) and forcing beloved icons into retirement (I miss you Papi). so instead of offering less baseball like Manfred wants, expanding the rosters in this manner allows position players and pitchers alike to get more rest during the season, which not only keeps them in the game longer. it also keeps up the quality of play, I mean honestly the fact these guys are still standing in August is amazing to me, I find it hard to believe they maintain the same level of play as in May or June.

Now to the con of such a plan, drum roll please! Pace of play, I can already imagine you groaning in weary exhaustion at this dead horse of a topic. By expanding the bench and Bullpen of each team you will increase the number of pitching changes, double switches, and defensive replacements, extending the time of each game. so all those NL fans can rejoice at the increase in strategy, and all those casual 12 year olds who can't pay attention, can go watch Basketball or something. I mean really if you want to increase the pace of play stop having 3 minute commercials every half inning and in between pitching changes. or enforce the rule about standing in the dang batters box. There's gotta be something better than having less baseball or less options for managers to increase the pace of the games.

So now we've reached the end dear readers, my mad ramblings are finally over for now. But I hope you do give this Idea some thought. as we should always strive to improve our beloved game, and I truly believe that by increasing the number of specialists we can preserve the talents of our beloved ballplayers, and draw in more fans. Before pace of play or social media savvy initiatives we should always strive, much like the front offices and players to put the best product on the storied diamond. As our history and tradition come not from the specific rules by which we watch but through the shared love of our past time. Now you may carry on further into the internet and go watch cats playing pianos, or whatever it is you do. But I sincerely hope nothing will give you more to think about today than this blog post.

As an aside, I have attached a poll, because I've always wanted to. And none of you can stop me, and I am drunk with this power muahahahahah *cough* *cough* yeah I see why they don't do that laugh anymore.