If I could make one rule change. . ..

I'd like to do away with expanded rosters in September. We shouldn't be playing the final month of the season -- the most important month of the regular season -- under a different set of rules than we used from April through August.

September is when teams get a look at their minor league players, and I wouldn't want to eliminate that entirely. Instead, I'd propose a day-of-the-game approach that enables teams to use rookies if they want to, but limits the overall size of their roster.

Here's how it would work. Teams can carry up to 40 men on their roster in September, but they can only DRESS 25 for each game. This is exactly the approach used by the NHL, the NFL and the NBA.

To prevent a manager from dressing one starting pitcher and 11 relievers, we'd need more restrictions, however. I'd propose that teams be allowed to dress no more than 10 pitchers, at least three of whom are members of their starting rotation.

Most American League teams carry just three position players on the bench. Under this change, there would be six players on the bench, allowing for more platooning, pinch hitting and pinch running strategy.

I think it would make the game more enjoyable, and it would put an end to some of the September fiascos we've seen, where a manager like Buck Showalter uses seven or eight relievers per game.