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FanPost Friday - Who Needs Rules?

Rules just get in the way, or they make things worse. Less rules! Sometimes though, rules also make things better. So, consequently, more rules!

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Toronto Blue Jays
James Hoye and Marvin Hudson discuss a play at first base, as per the rules. John Farrell probably wishing that the rules were always in his favor. Ah, baseball.
Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to FanPost Friday! If you are new to the program, it’s very easy to participate, and I’ll walk you through the steps:

  1. We click on the FanPost section of our site.
  2. We write a FanPost about this weekend’s prompt (to be announced in but a moment).
  3. We click the submit button, and await the awesome praise that comes with having done something like writing a FanPost.
  4. Monday comes, and the Monday Flyby recaps the events in one big post, for both posterity, and the fun of learning something new.

It’s a pretty simple concept, and that’s why I think it’s so easy to contribute to FanPost Friday.

Last week, we had a ton of responses, and it’s always great to hear from the community. This weekend, our prompt is the following:

If you could make one rule change (with regards to Major League Baseball), what would that rule change be? You only get one.

To explain the prompt a bit more, here is an example: “I believe the new intentional walk rules are stupid. It takes all the energy and consistency out of the game, etc. It should be replaced with the old system, which allowed for human error, etc.”

I’m not going to write your FanPost for you (although I hope we get more than intentional walk pieces), but you get the idea. Pick an argument, back it up if possible, and show us your creative side. It doesn’t even have to be serious, you could make one of the rules that Mookie Betts has to stay at the ballpark an additional seven hours to sign autographs, or provide the home team with an additional half inning (oh man, this one would not be popular for so many reasons) to give the home fans a chance to go home happier.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week! See you on the Monday Flyby, where I’ll have my own (semi-serious) rule change ready!