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MLB Network names Mookie Betts #8 on their Top 100 Players Right Now

Another ranking featuring a Red Sox player? If it’s not Mookie Betts you’re doing it wrong.

MLB: ALDS-Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when it was a question of whether Mookie Betts or Rusney Castillo would emerge as the right field solution? Seems like a long time ago. The folks at MLB Network have moved well past that non-controversy and in their latest ranking placed Betts number eight overall. Out of the best players in both leagues, Betts is eighth!

The full list is available but here are the top ten to get you started:

10. Joey Votto

9. Bryce Harper

8. Mookie Betts

7. Manny Machado

6. Miguel Cabrera

5. Jose Altuve

4. Kris Bryant

3. Josh Donaldson

2. Clayton Kershaw

1. Mike Trout

A few of Mookie’s teammates joined him among the top 100:

30. Chris Sale

44. Xander Bogaerts

50. David Price

55. Dustin Pedroia

73. Jackie Bradley Jr.

79. Hanley Ramirez

95. Rick Porcello

There is, of course, no David Ortiz on that list but most of the infield and outfield and three-fifths of a starting rotation isn’t a bad showing at all. Out of 100 players, eight are on the Red Sox. If you include the former Sox too, that number grows even higher.

Boston has lived up to the dream of becoming a powerful player development machine. Prospects have reached the top of rankings lists, they’ve made trades possible, and a few have left the team to sign elsewhere.

Mookie Betts has gone from a second base prospect blocked by Dustin Pedroia to the best right fielder in baseball. And he’s not done yet. How far can Mookie go? We’re going to find out, hopefully for many years to come.