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Are you Over the Monster’s poet laureate?

Do you have what it takes? Can you out-rhyme a Canadian?

ALCS: Cleveland Indians v Boston Red Sox - Game 7 Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Our friends at Blue Bird Banter have thrown down the gauntlet by holding a limerick writing contest.

They seem to think they’ve mastered the art form! Now, to be fair, some of them are clever. But this is the AL East and Over the Monster can stand up for Red Sox sensibilities.

There’s really only one rule: it has to be about the Red Sox. And keep it clean.

Remember that our homeland of Massachusetts (and Red Sox Nation generally) was insulted!

The prize is simple: honor. The winner will be the Over the Monster poet laureate.

Do you have what it takes? Leave your limerick, recommend your favorites, in the comments below before the equipment truck departs on Monday, February 6th.