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Batman Rest and other 2017 Red Sox anagrams

Are you a fan of Prickle Color? Remember when Warlike Baths had that big game? No, well, maybe you only know their names before anagrams!

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays

Now that Spring Training season is upon us what is a better activity than dusting off the Red Sox 40-man roster and learning who’s on the team for the new year? lyWith a little help from the Internet Anagram Server (except for one player whose name is just too crazy for a computer to comprehend) the entire roster has been anagramed and sorted alphabetically.

Some punctuation was added now and then for fun. This is using names only - as stated on the roster link above - and not suffixes (so no Jr. after Jackie Bradley).

Can you figure out who’s who? Not a bad activity for a snow day.

A Vandal’s Bloop

Advice Drip

Arch Isles

Armband Nor Wonk

Armored Nerve

Bad Dinner Entwine

Banana Fodder

Batman Rest

Beet Mistook

Berry B. Centz

Bob Orrises

Broth Lock

Brotherly Grunt

Canvas Zither Quiz

Cobs by Trot

Cry Housing

Ear Lionises

Greater Sandbox

Guard Ruddier Ooze

Hi, Mr. Reanalyze!

Joke Yell

Jolted Gusher

Karmic Gerbil

Milted Monarch

Mist Anchors

Mr. Tiny Kale

Mr. Warped Zone

Ninja Orb Nosh

Prickle Color

Pure Additions

Razed Anchorman

Sedan Only

Sonny Where

The Rehab Heme

Usa Silly

Vessel Tykes

View Strength

Warlike Baths

Ye Jackal Bride

Zero Remain

Editor’s Note: Last year Dayn Perry revealed that another anagram for Pablo Sandoval is “Oval Panda Slob.” I feel everyone should be made aware of this.