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FanPost Friday: First Time Jitters

A new era begins on Over the Monster, as we hope to get the community more involved.

MLB: Spring Training-Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox
Rick Porcello, Spring Training 2016
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hi there! You know me as outofleftfield, and I’ve been in this community an awful long time (since 2010, to be precise). You’ve laughed with me, shook your fist at me, and shared a lot of great moments with me as well. And now I want to give back.

So, we’re introducing a new feature on Over the Monster that I hope you like and help us out with. This weekly segment is called FanPost Friday, and it’s something that we’ve seen exist on other SB Nation blogs, such as Twinkie Town.

The format of this feature is pretty simple. I give you all a prompt on Friday, and you write a FanPost about said prompt. If we get enough responses, you’ll give me ammunition for which to write an awesome recap. In short, you speak with us, we speak with you, everyone speaks with everyone, and we grow as a community. That’s basically our mission statement!

Now, the first FanPost Friday has to be pretty simple, given we’ve just never done anything quite like this, as far as I can tell. So the topic for our first FanPost Friday will be:

Do you have any Spring Training anecdotes? If you do, explain. If you do not, rather, tell us about your general feelings regarding Spring Training.

I figure this is something we can all work with, because Spring Training to me represents a new beginning, a fresh start. And much like it is a fresh start in baseball, it’s also a fresh start for us here, on Over the Monster.

To respond to this prompt, all you do is click on FanPost. In that FanPost (long or as short as you like, really), just tell us all about any Spring Training stories or opinions, and overall, just have fun with it. Make your voice heard!

Oh, and welcome to FanPost Friday.