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Daily Red Sox Links: Brock Holt, Ted Williams, Dustin Pedroia

Reviewing 2017 for Holt and Pedroia while reading Williams’ own writing.

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Brock Holt is still a cult hero for the Red Sox, even if vertigo shortened his 2017 season. (Jake Devereaux; BP Boston)

Want to read letters actually written by Ted Williams? You are in luck. (Chris Cassidy; Boston Herald)

Figuring out the DH situation is something the Red Sox have to do for next year. (Peter Abraham; Boston Globe)

Dustin Pedroia is still great when he’s healthy, but time waits for no man. (Matthew Kory; BP Boston)

Mitch Moreland and Eric Hosmer are different players. Duh. But let’s dive deeper. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

THE HOT STOVE IS REALLY COOKING! Mike Olt signed with the Red Sox on a minor league deal. (Alex Kolodziej; FanRag Sports)

Of course, it would be heating up even more if Manny Machado was dealt. (Robert Murray; FanRag Sports)