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Red Sox announce tentative attendees for Winter Weekend

The team’s annual fan event is coming up

MLB: Winter Meetings Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Every winter, the Red Sox host a large get together for fans to interact with players and coaches of the team down at Foxwoods in Connecticut. Winter Weekend has been going on for four years now, and by all accounts it is a great time. I’ve never personally gone because it just never seems to work with my schedule, but one of these years I’ll make my way down for some Red Sox schmoozing with just a little bit of gambling mixed in. For those interested in attending this year, I have heard that tickets are close to selling out so if you want to head down you should by tickets as soon as you can. The event takes place January 19 through the 21st.

There’s a long list of events at this year’s event, including autograph sessions with both current and former players. There’s also multiple panels for fans to attend as well as a town hall meeting, a movie night, opportunity to buy tickets to Fenway, some history booths and plenty of giveaways. You can also bring your kids as there are plenty of family-oriented events over the weekend. If you, like me, are not able to attend, there will be a portion of the even broadcast on NESN over that weekend.

The most exciting part of this event, though, is the opportunity to mingle and meet some of the stars of the team as well as any newcomers. Well, the Red Sox don’t quite have any newcomers just yet, but they have announced a tentative list of players to attend the event this January. You can check out the whole list here, but some of the highlights include Andrew Benintendi, Rafael Devers, Xander Bogaerts, Jackie Bradley Jr., Craig Kimbrel, David Price and Chris Sale. Really, the only star who is not slated to attend right now is Mookie Betts, which honestly is a bit surprising. It’s not just current players who attend either. Some former Red Sox legends will also be at Foxwoods including Wade Boggs, Dennis Eckersley, Pedro Martinez and of course David Ortiz. You’ll also have a chance to get a look at Boston’s new coaching staff led by Alex Cora.