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MLB Roundup 12/20: Tim Lincecum wants to make a comeback

Please let this happen

San Francisco Giants Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tim Lincecum wants to make a comeback

It was a fairly slow news day around baseball on Tuesday, but we did get a picture of a new, ripped Tim Lincecum. The former Giants star is working out this winter in preparation to put on a showcase for the entire league later this offseason. He’s hoping he can do enough to show that he has what it takes for a comeback. While he looks jacked in that picture, this is not the first time we’ve seen the possibility of a comeback for Lincecum and I’ll believe he can do it when I see it. That being said, Lincecum is fun as hell and if there’s even a one percent chance he can comeback I want the Red Sox to be the ones to sign him. He’ll only cost a minor-league deal so what’s the harm. Plus, Tim, you should know that pot just became legal in Massachusetts. Something to think about...

Derek Jeter had a rough Tuesday night

Marlins fans are, understandably, extremely pissed off at their new ownership group for tearing down a promising young team rather than investing in the roster. The organization is facing some horrible PR, and to combat that they sent Derek Jeter — the face of the new ownership group — out for a townhall style meeting with fans. It....well, it didn’t go well. Fans were crying, Marlins Man confronted the future Hall of Famer and one fan roasted the new-look Marlins. There were a lot of striking parts of this and you can read a full recap here, but the worst part in my eyes was as follows. A woman came to the mic with tears in her eyes asking why the Marlins didn’t keep their core of promising young hitters and add some pitching. Jeter then challenged her and other fans say who he could have added. Putting aside that there is an incredible amount of pitching available this year (and every year), it’s not the fans’ job to make those decisions, Jetes. I have no idea what Jeter and the Marlins thought the best case scenario for this event would be, but it only made things worse.