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Xando Calrissian strikes back in Boston as the Red Sox announce promotion games and theme night

Need a companion for your 2017 Jedi Mookie Betts? You should have new hope!

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

With The Last Jedi opening this past weekend it’s appropriate for the Red Sox to announce a date for Star Wars Night 2018 along with a full roster of promotions, giveaways, and theme nights.

Opening day is March 29th in Tampa Bay (and April 5th in Fenway!) and the giveaways kick off April 8th with a pair of kids batting gloves. There’s a second kids giveaway on September 8th - a Wally themed pillow. Both giveaways are limited to only those kids age 14 and under.

For the kids at heart - most of us - the other promo nights will be available to all ages but limited to the first 10,000 fans.

Chris Sale, 2017 AL Cy Young runner-up gets a bobblehead on April 13th with a K Counter. With four 13 strikeout games the counter hopefully goes up to the unlucky number itself. With April 13th falling on a Friday and featuring the Baltimore Orioles the significance can’t be more properly aligned.

The gnome tradition continues with Christian Vazquez on April 30th. Following in the steps of David Ortiz and Xander Bogaerts, the Red Sox young catcher is next to become a lawn gnome while facing the Kansas City Royals.

Courtesy MLB/Boston Red Sox

May 1st is Star Wars night featuring Xando Calrissian as an homage to the legendary gambler and scoundrel Lando. Just like in previous years this is a separate ticket than the standard game if you want the giveaway. With Solo: A Star Wars Story slated for release on May 25th, 2018 this one kicks off another big month for the Force. Continuing the series with the Royals, walk in a say “Hello, what have we here?”

May 14th brings the Oakland A’s to town and a Craig Kimbrel beard plant...and if you purchase the Cheers Night ticket you could walk away with a glass combining the local team and the place where everybody knows your name. As with Star Wars night this also requires a special ticket.

Courtesy MLB/Boston Red Sox

If you aren’t at the opening night for Solo, head down to Fenway for an interleague match against the Atlanta Braves and get an Andrew Benintendi headband!

Dave Dombrowski’s old team, the Detroit Tigers, comes into town and to celebrate on June 6th the Sox keep Benintendi magic going with a “splash” bobblehead reminiscent of the Gatorade showers so popular after a big win.

Xander Bogaerts gets his own splash bobblehead on July 31st - the trade deadline - when the Philadelphia Phillies come to play!

When the Blue Jays are in town Rafael Devers will get a gnome of his own on September 12th. Mookie Betts, playing the Mets, follows up just two days later with his splash bobblehead, completing the set!

Pedro Martinez wraps up the standard first-10,000-fan giveaways on September 25th with a bobblehead of the most recent Hall of Famer to pitch for Boston. Can there ever be enough celebration of Pedro? The answer is no. He’s the best.

Is the Force strong with you? Are you a fan of the gnomes? Do you just want to commemorate a Gatorade celebration?