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Daily Red Sox Links: Sam Travis, J.D. Martinez, Robby Scott

In case you were wondering, the Red Sox still haven’t made a major offseason signing.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Red Sox left the winter meetings without J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer or any solutions to their power struggles. (Jen McCaffrey; MassLive)

But is Martinez even worth the cost it will take to get him? I say yes while Alex Speier investigates. (Alex Speier; Boston Globe)

Sam Travis is an in-house candidate to help get more dingers, but whether or not he can become that power bat remains unclear. (Chris Teeter; BP Boston)

Robby Scott is nearing a return to throwing following elbow surgery. (Chad Jennings; Boston Herald)

Brian Johnson just wants to stay in the majors, even if it means pitching out of the bullpen. (Chad Jennings; Boston Herald)

Deven Marrero has a chance to get a lot more playing time at second base with Dustin Pedroia coming off surgery. (Chad Jennings; Boston Herald)