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MLB Roundup 12/12: The Phillies are interested in Manny Machado

Who isn’t?

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr./Getty Images

The Phillies are showing interest in Manny Machado

Although the Phillies are still probably a year or two away from really starting to contend for a postseason position, it’s only been a matter of time before they start buying in the offseason again. They could jump into the fold on one of the most talented players in the game, as they’ve shown interest in the Orioles’ Machado. The star third baseman is a free agent after next season, so the Phillies would need to know he’ll sign an extension before they actually make a deal. If Machado is truly available, then there were be a whole host of teams who are interested in striking a deal. The Phillies are as well-suited as any, though, and this would be good for the Red Sox. Not only would Machado get out of the AL East, but he’d also be out of New York for 2019 and beyond.

Matt Harvey is being shopped

The Mets are in a strange position where they probably have the pitching staff to compete but the overall team might not be in the position. They will attempt to retool for 2018, though, and part of that is apparently shopping former ace Matt Harvey. The righty underwent a similar procedure to what Tyler Thornburg underwent last summer and has never really recovered. Now, Harvey is one year from free agency and is available in trade. According to Ken Rosenthal, the Orioles have had discussions with New York about a possible trade. On the one hand, Baltimore needs pitching so this makes sense. On the other hand, a pitcher who needs to get back on track and has a history of arm troubles is a match made in hell for the Orioles organization. There were also some whispers of a Harvey-for-Jurickson Profar swap in a trade involving two disappointing former top prospects, but those were quickly shot down. The Mets won’t be able to get much for Harvey at this point, but it should go without saying that the Red Sox can probably stay out of these negotiations.

  • All of the national beat writers at the Winter Meetings have been indicating that the reliever market is about to start flying, and while that hasn’t exactly happened yet one deal did happen on Monday. Pat Nesehek agreed to a two-year, $16.25 million deal. The left-handed market should have plenty of relatively cheap options for the Red Sox.