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MLB Roundup 11/21: The Hall of Fame Ballot has been released

There are a few interesting first-timers

New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox - July 23, 2004 Photo by J Rogash/Getty Images

Hall of Fame releases 2017-2018 Ballot

I’m not going to lie, I hate Hall of Fame season and Hall of Fame voting and Hall of Fame discussions. The arguments are way too intense and the voting has completely been ruined by self-righteous voters as well as the inane ten-player limit. The limit has made voting much more strategic than it should ever be and adds an unnecessary limit. Anyway, you won’t hear much about the Hall of Fame from me, is what I’m saying. (The museum as a whole is awesome, to be fair.) They did, however, just release the new ballot, and there are some really interesting first-year players. Chipper Jones is an easy bet to make it this year, and Jim Thome is another strong possibility behind him. Omar Vizquel is the next most likely. The most interesting names to me, however, are Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen. Both players got a ton of their value on defense as both are the best to ever play at their respective positions. It’ll be fascinating to see how much love that type of player gets from today’s voters. Meanwhile, from a Red Sox perspective, Johnny Damon will hit the ballot for the first time. He’ll probably fall off after just one year, too. You can see the entire ballot here. It’s also worth mentioning that the Hall of Fame rejected the BBWAA’s vote in favor of making all ballots public, furthering the idea that the organization can’t make good decisions.

MLB, MLBPA extend negotiation window to finalize posting system

It’s been a really quiet offseason around the league to this point, and one of the big reasons is that there is still no posting system in place for players coming over from Japan. That was supposed to be settled on Monday night, but the players and league decided to extend that window until 8 PM ET on Tuesday night. Of course, this is another arbitrary deadline and could be extended again. They do want to get this done, though, as teams are waiting to see what happens here before really getting the hot stove started. There is, of course, a giant Shohei Otani-sized question mark involved in this posting system. According to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports, the biggest point of negotiation right now is the length of the posting window. My guess is that this will be settled before Thanksgiving, and likely today at some point.

  • The Giants and Cardinals have made formal trade offers from Giancarlo Stanton, according to multiple reports. The Red Sox will likely make an offer of their own soon enough, but this situation doesn’t seem all that close to being completed at this point.
  • The Mets are showing interest in trading for Ian Kinsler as the Tigers continue to rebuild their roster. Kinsler being on the block isn’t all that surprising, and some were curious if the Red Sox would jump in with Dustin Pedroia starting the year on the disabled list. However, it never really made much sense considering that Pedroia is expected back at some point in the first half.