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MLB Roundup 10/24: The World Series starts today

And Eric Hinske is the new Angels hitting coach

Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Eric Hinske hired as the new Angels hitting coach

On the surface, this bit of news doesn’t really seem all that important. A middling team in the American League West hiring a new hitting coach isn’t really something that registers for fans of American League East teams. That being said, their hiring of Eric Hinske is an interesting one for Red Sox fans. For one thing, Hinske is a former Red Sox player who took home a championship ring with the organization in 2007, albeit in a relatively small role. Additionally, the Red Sox just hired a new manager, and with that will likely bring a very different looking coaching staff. It is entirely possible they will be in the market for a new hitting coach, and Hinske may have been a good fit. This is particularly true since he was teammates with Cora on that 2007 team. I don’t know nearly enough about hitting coaches in general or Hinske specifically to know if the Red Sox really missed out here, but one candidate for their new hitting coach is in a new job.

Game One of the World Series is Tuesday Night

Today is the start of the final meaningful baseball we will watch until next March. The Astros and the Dodgers will be taking the field at 8:00 PM ET tonight in Los Angeles with Clayton Kershaw taking on Dallas Keuchel. Both of these teams have run through much of this season in dominating fashion, making this a potentially epic World Series matchup. At the same time, there is something about this Dodgers team that makes me think they could make easy work of any team in baseball. Which, you know, probably means the Astros will sweep. My official pick (which I know you’re all waiting for) is Dodgers in five. I imagine the rooting interest will be split among Red Sox fans, but I’m firmly in the Go L.A. camp.