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MLB Playoffs 2017: The odds are in

Never tell the Red Sox the odds...of an underdog victory

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Rich Gagnon/Getty Images

Now that all 162 games have been played and the first round of playoffs is about to begin, Bovada released new World Series odds. Old friend Terry Francona and the Indians share the top spot with another old friend, Dave Roberts, and the Los Angeles Dodgers at 10/3. The Dodgers sure cleaned up in the NL West, finishing the season with an eleven game lead over the Diamondbacks, but Cleveland wrapped up the season while losing just four times in September. And that’s after their 21-game winning steak concluded!

The Red Sox and Cubs (another group of old friends there...) are tied for World Series odds at 8/1. They’re more likely to win than the Yankees but less likely than the Astros team they’ll have to get by first on their journey towards another championship.

For the complete playoff odds, by team:

Indians 10/3

Dodgers 10/3

Astros 9/2

Nationals 15/2

Red Sox 8/1

Cubs 8/1

Diamondbacks 14/1

Yankees 14/1

Twins 28/1

Rockies 28/1

What do you think, do the Chris Sale Sox have a magical run in them?