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Red Sox-Astros ALDS start times announced for Games One and Two

They are not ideal game times.

MLB: Houston Astros at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve known the Red Sox and Astros would be playing in the ALDS for a few days now, and we’ve known that the first two games of the ALDS would be played on the Thursday and Friday of the upcoming week. All that remained was to know what time the games would start. That was announced Sunday night and...well, the times aren’t great.

Thursday will include only two games with the two American League Division Series taking place. That gave the Red Sox and Astros a 50/50 chance of playing in primetime at 8:00 PM. Instead, they got stuck with the early game at 4:08 PM ET. It’s unfortunate that this game will start while many people are still working, but the one silver lining is that it clears up the night a little bit when the Patriots will be playing and the Bruins kick their season off. So, those of us who can watch the 4:00 game actually benefit from having the early game. Friday is worse, as the league has all four ALDS matchups going so one unlucky matchup will be stuck with the super early game. Of course, that is the Red Sox and Astros, who will start that game at 2:00 PM. Those that work traditional 9-5’s will be stuck at work for essentially this entire game, which is a huge bummer.

At this point, these are the only two game times we know as the times of Fenway games have not been announced yet. Hopefully, we get better luck with those games. Either way, the countdown to 4:00 PM ET on Thursday begins.