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Keith Law released his top Red Sox prospects

The prospect news is coming quickly and furiously.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

After releasing his top-100 prospects last week, Keith Law is back this week with his individual team lists. On Monday, he released the rankings for the AL East teams, which obviously includes the Red Sox. We already knew his top four, since they were included in his top-100. Now, we know who fills out the rest of the list.

  1. Andrew Benintendi
  2. Rafael Devers
  3. Jason Groome
  4. Sam Travis
  5. Travis Lakins
  6. Roniel Raudes
  7. Bobby Dalbec
  8. C.J. Chatham
  9. Nick Longhi
  10. Brian Johnson
  11. Josh Ockimey
  12. Mike Shawaryn
  13. Shaun Anderson
  14. Michael Chavis
  15. Kyri Washington
  16. Danny Mars
  17. Ben Taylor
  18. Stephen Nogosek
  19. Trey Ball

There are some real surprises here, which makes sense given the nature of Boston’s farm system. They have a clear top tier, but the rest is all mashed up and your order depends entirely on personal preference. The earliest surprise to me was seeing Lankins ranked so highly. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I was a bit surprised to see Johnson so low on the list.

As for his explanations, well, you’ll have to go to the link to find out what Law thinks of each of these players, and a few others not included here. It is behind the paywall, so please respect that and not post screenshots and quotes in the comments.