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Red Sox 2017 promotions roll out the bobbleheads

Do you need a Bogaerts gnome? How about a Manny bobblehead?

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

If 2016 was all about saying goodbye to David Ortiz, 2017 is about spreading the message that the Red Sox aren’t done yet: of the promotional giveaway nights revealed so far, current stars take center stage.

Things kick off with a Rick Porcello bobblehead for the first 12,000 fans on April 5th against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Porcello is the reigning AL Cy Young award winner and the original Cy Young pitched for Boston against the Pirates in the first World Series. Synergy!

Not even two weeks later on April 14th is Mookie Betts bobblehead night for the first 12,000 fans in attendance against the Rays. You may remember Mookie from his outfield dancing in 2016 and his all-around MVP caliber play. Now take a replica of that star home with you.

Last year the Sox gave away replica gold chains to celebrate David Ortiz’s 500th home run. As you may have heard, Hanley Ramirez is going to try to fill the middle-of-the-order big bat role this year. With that context, it should be no surprise that on May 1st the first 12,000 fans will receive a replica #13 gold chain in Hanley’s honor. The Orioles will certainly like that.

On May 24th against the Texas Rangers it’s Craig Kimbrel bobblehead night. As the closer tries to bounce back from a sometimes disappointing first season in Boston what better way to symbolize that than a small, moving statue?

On May 28th it’s tote bag time with the Seattle Mariners. A reusable bag that looks like the home whites? What could be better?!?

Chris Sale makes his Red Sox promo debut with a bobblehead night on June 12th against the Philadelphia Phillies. With any luck he’s already on his way towards All-Star Game consideration and endeared to the Boston crowd.

The first 12,000 Fenway Faithful to arrive on June 27th to watch the Sox take on the Minnesota Twins will get to relive the majesty of one of the more mercurial players in Boston history: Manny Ramirez!

Back to Chris Sale for a second, you can take home a Jackie Bradley Jr. bobblehead when the Sox face off against Sale’s old team: the Chicago White Sox on August 3rd. Will he be outstretched making a fantastic diving catch?

September 4th against the Blue Jays gives the first 12,000 fans the chance to dress like Eck. With the Dennis Eckersley hat kit you get a mustache and all the moss your head can handle.

Mookie and JBJ already have their promotions so it’s time for the third member of the young core, Xander Bogaerts, to have a promo night. On September 13th against the Oakland A’s the first 12,000 fans will watch another Sox player (last year it was Big Papi) get the garden gnome treatment. Gnomeo, gnomeo, wherefore Bogaerts thou gnomeo?

Wrapping things up is Red Sox gym bag night. On September 28th against the Houston Astros the first 12,000 fans will get a two-handled red bag perfect for packing up for the gym or the playoffs.

For fans of bobbleheads, 2017 is shaping up to be a good year at Fenway Park. Hopefully quality baseball is just as prevalent.