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Red Sox Winter Weekend wrapup

Winter Weekend, the Red Sox version of a fan fest, took place for three days and unofficially kicked off the 2017 season!

Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

As they do every year, the Red Sox headed to Foxwoods for Winter Weekend to celebrate with fans, reminisce about the past, and look ahead at the upcoming season. Current players and coaches, Boston legends, and Wally converged in Connecticut for a weekend of fun.

John Henry made a further commitment to “America’s most beloved ballpark” remaining a baseball cathedral for years to come.

The Red Sox unveiled a photo of Chris Sale during the festivities.

The first official Chris Sale headshot.

A photo posted by Red Sox (@redsox) on

JBJ and Andrew “Super Nintendo” Benintendi showed off their new numbers for the upcoming season.

When John Farrell thinks about his time with the Sox, one lineup stands out from the rest - and with Boston the last 15 years that’s really saying something!

Rick Porcello, the reigning AL Cy Young award winner, spoke about what this honor means to him.

Speaking of accomplished pitchers...Pedro Martinez and Luis Tiant made an appearance!

With plenty of time to practice in the offseason, the outfield dance routine in 2017 should be better than ever.

Are you ready?