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Andrew Benintendi returns to a familiar number

Benintendi changes uniform numbers.

Division Series - Boston Red Sox v Cleveland Indians - Game One Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Growing up with one uniform number can stick with you. Just ask Andrew Benintendi. After wearing #16 on his back starting in Little League, Benintendi made his major league debut wearing #40. That isn’t without its share of interesting names in the past - Carlton Fisk (1969), Dwight Evans (1972-1973), John Dopson (“Dopson, we’ve got Dopson here!”) (1989-1993) and of course Bartolo Colon (2008). With a future as bright as his though, it was time for an upgrade to one of the lower numbers.

Back in friendly, familiar #16 Benintendi will join the likes of Jim Lonborg (1965-1971), Frank Viola (1992-1994), Will Middlebrooks (2013-2014), and most recently Deven Marrero (2015-2016). If you have a keen memory, David Wells and Edgar Renteria both wore the number during the 2005 season. If we're lucky, Andrew Benintendi runs away with four squared and makes it his own.