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Game 159: Red Sox vs. Yankees

It was good to be a fun team early. It was good to be a contending team late. But now? Now it’s damn good to be division champions after 158 games of baseball.

Of course, Division Champion isn’t the banner we’re interested in, but it’s also not fair to trot out the old “haven’t done anything yet” line. The Red Sox very much have. They’ve not only won a division, but the hardest division in the American League. Now we—both the team and the fans—get a nice week to enjoy it.

Then it’s back to work in earnest, with the true prize on the line.

But for now, that week! This game looks like one hell of a mess between the lineup and the man on the mound. And y’know what? It’s not gonna keep the Red Sox from winning the East. So enjoy this rarest of commodities while you can: games that are (relatively) meaningless not because the Red Sox suck, but because they’re awesome.

Go Sox!