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The Orioles gave David Ortiz the dugout phone he smashed

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

As the David Ortiz Retirement Tour has made its way across the country, Big Papi has been the recipient of many a gift. The White Sox gave him a well-stocked humidor made by Ron Kittle, the Giants a bell from a cable car. Between the Astros and the Rangers he got a full-on Cowboy outfit, and his only former team gave him a big jar of peanut butter handed off by his old teammates.

If there’s a contest, though, the Orioles have absolutely won it.

If you don’t know what all this is about, well, I have to imagine you’re on the wrong blog. But here, all the same, is the video:

God bless whoever it was who said to themselves “this phone is something that must be saved” and tucked it away for just such an occasion. That happened more than three years ago! Now that’s some foresight.