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Game 145: Red Sox vs. Orioles

Another rubber match, and this one's a lot like the last. The Red Sox stand to jump into a pretty significant AL East lead with a win, or fall back into a (nearly) neck-and-neck situation with a loss. The Sox very much need Porcello to be Porcello in a way Pomeranz was not Pomeranz last night.

And, for that matter, for the offense to produce like we know it can, even against a strong opponent like Kevin Gausman. This is certainly not an easy game, but it's the kind they have to be able to win if they're looking to play deep into October or, frankly, into October at all. They're certainly in a very good position right now, but there's some hot teams out there, and we all know how things can go south.

So even with three weeks still to go, there's no time to take off. Just keep winning series, Red Sox, and sign your tickets to the ALDS.

Go Sox!