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Game 111: Red Sox vs. Yankees

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The first half of the gauntlet did...not go well. They only actually beat one team, arguably revived the season of their biggest wild card competition in Detroit, and couldn't do more than split against the likes of the Angels and Twins.

In a word: SHAME. In three: SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

Now they're back home, which is something we don't get too say all that often in the time remaining to the Sox this season. They're facing a team in the Yankees which isn't quite as bad as one might think given that they actually went ahead and sold at the deadline. But they're certainly the sort the Red Sox should beat.

They can't keep on losing to teams like New York. Even if they're capable of beating the Orioles and Jays of the world -- we'll see about that as these last couple of months play out -- they have to also take the wins they're supposed to take as a good team facing middling ones. And God knows that should start today against Luis Severino of the 6.02 ERA.

Win the damn game, Red Sox.