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The rejected David Ortiz bobbleheads are...not great

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The Red Sox nearly handed out some questionable bobbleheads of one of the team's biggest heroes.

Tonight was supposed to be David Ortiz bobblehead night in Fenway Park. The Red Sox, however, have decided to cancel that promotion due to issues with the accuracy of the bobbleheads. Well that's strange. Did they get the wrong player somehow? Or maybe...


Oh no.

I'll admit, I'm not great with faces. And I get that bobbleheads are, by their nature, caricatures. But you can do that better. For instance, here's a David Ortiz bobblehead the Sox gave away in 2014:

A caricature, but without the lips evocative of Thomas D. Rice, more widely known as "Daddy Jim Crow".

On the bright side, here's a look at the bobblehead from one of the promotional pictures distributed earlier:

The mouth still looks weird, but teeth on a bobblehead kind of weird me out to begin with. Importantly, those lips look pretty normal, suggesting that this whole kerfuffle is a production error rather than someone actually thinking the rejected bobbleheads were a good idea in the first place.

Good thing someone opened a box and checked before they started handing them out to fans.