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Game 109: Red Sox vs. Dodgers

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Runs are not a finite resource, so the idea of "using them up" is silly and stupid and not worth talking about. Still, I couldn't shake the feeling that boom followed by bust has been a bit of a trend for this team, so I went ahead and checked how the Sox did after scoring 9-or-more runs, as they did last night.

Thus far, in 18 attempts (that's quite a lot), the Red Sox have only scored fewer than five runs six times in following up a huge outing like last night's, with an average of nearly seven. Long story short: nope, there's nothing to it. And sure, that's inflated a bit by that ridiculous stretch in May, but that's part of the sample the same as any other game. In fact, stretches like that are likely contribute to the misconception, since they've had three such runs of two-or-more straight, twice ending in 2 runs or fewer, which feels like quite the letdown.

Just some random numbers I thought I'd check out and share. But of course, as with most of the silly anecdotal stats, also ones that don't likely mean all that much, if anything at all. Just saying, would be nice to add another game matching that seven-run average. Please, Sox?