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Red Sox 4, Mariners 5: Hell in a handbasket

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The Red Sox just got hit by a truck

Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

The Red Sox were six outs away from a three-game winning streak. They entered the eighth up 4-0 on the Mariners. David Price was rolling. Everything was great.

They lost.

It’s been maybe...half an hour now since that bottom of the eighth started? That’s just how fast it happened. Price had thrown seven scoreless innings, allowing just three baserunners. If he had the help of some nice infield defense in doing so, he still felt pretty untouchable.

The first pitch Price threw in the eighth was destroyed by Mike Zunino for a solo shot. The third was flared into center in front of Jackie Bradley Jr. The fourth shot through the right side of the infield. By this point Carl Willis was out trying to buy time for the bullpen to get ready with the rally coming so fast and furious. And Price finally did manage the slightly longer at bat they might need...but it, too, ended poorly, with Guillermo Heredia picking up his first major league hit just over a leaping Hanley Ramirez at first. The tying run was on first, and the go-ahead run stepped to the plate as Matt Barnes entered the inning.

Barnes did his job, striking out Seth Smith to finally get the first out of the inning. That brought the newest arm on the roster into the game in Fernando Abad to face Robinson Cano. It was the best matchup the Red Sox had, and Cano looked pretty bad in falling behind 0-2 on a pair of curves. But when Abad tried to go back to that curve a third time at 1-2, he didn’t bury it deep enough. Instead, it was Cano burying the Red Sox, crushing a three-run shot to right field to make it 5-4.

Everything else in this game? Hanley homered. Benintendi debuted (0-for-2). Price was so great for so long. It all just feels horribly empty after being blindsided by the eighth.

And now apparently Hanley is headed for X-Rays of some sort post-game. Given that David Price’s sudden implosion may have been triggered by taking a line drive off the leg in an earlier inning, at this point we should probably be waiting to hear that he broke into a thousand pieces, too.

It’s been a bit longer since that inning started. I still don’t really know what happened. I still don’t entirely accept that what happened actually did. I don’t know that anything over the next 24 hours is going to change that. The Red Sox have to take the field tomorrow, but it’s going to be a battle just to step up to the plate feeling like it’s a new game rather than still being stuck in that horrible eighth.