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Andrew Benintendi suffers no structural damage in knee

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The Red Sox have once again dodged a major injury.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The word is good on Andrew Benintendi: the Red Sox' young rookie outfielder has suffered no structural damage in his injured left knee.

This is pretty much the best possible outcome for Benintendi and the Sox given how ugly the injury looked, with Benintendi's ankle rolling, his knee buckling and flexing, and the outfielder winding up on the ground in pain, needing help just to leave the field.

It is not, however, a completely clear pass. John Farrell hasn't provided any certain timetable for his return, only saying that the team is optimistic that he can return to action before the season ends. Obviously he's out for at least the next couple weeks given that they placed him on the disabled list, but even if the ACL and MCL remain intact, it's not for nothing that the Red Sox aren't certain of him making it back in these last five weeks of the 2016 season. Sprains don't always go away all that quickly.

Still, given that the Red Sox could have been certain they were without Benintendi for the rest of the year, and even lost him well into next season in the worst-case scenario, they're very happy indeed with this outcome.