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Red Sox place Andrew Benintendi on 15-day DL, recall Marco Hernandez

Left field has claimed another soul.

Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Red Sox have placed Andrew Benintendi on the 15-day disabled list after his ugly Wednesday night injury against the Rays. Marco Hernandez has been recalled to take his roster spot.

Really, there's not much news here outside of the fact that Hernandez is the guy coming up to replace Benintendi. Nobody who saw the young outfielder go down would have really had much hope that he'd avoid a trip to the disabled list, and the Red Sox are still waiting for full results on his MRI to say how long he'll be out for--two weeks, a month, the season, or even into next year. It's all kind of on the table at the moment. They do know it's his knee and not his ankle, but that, too, we pretty much knew last night.

With Benintendi out, Chris Young will take over (nearly) full-time duties in left field, as he had right before he himself got hurt. Brock Holt will get some starts against righties, but generally stay in his utility role. On the one hand, Young did have some success against righties for a bit, but he's still very much a lefty masher first and starting outfielder second.

Be it for two weeks or a year, the Red Sox are much worse off without their rookie.