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Red Sox vs. Rays: No Hanley as Sox task Porcello with series win

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There's no Hanley Ramirez Wednesday night, but the Sox do have their most reliable starter on the mound with a chance to clinch a series win over the Rays.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Sox can earn at least a series win against the Rays Wednesday night behind Rick Porcello.


Dustin Pedroia, 2B Logan Forsythe, 2B
Xander Bogaerts, SS Kevin Kiermaier, CF
David Ortiz, DH Evan Longoria, 3B
Mookie Betts, RF Brad Miller, DH
Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Matt Duffy, SS
Sandy Leon, C Logan Morrison, 1B
Brock Holt, 3B Steven Souza Jr., RF
Travis Shaw, 1B Corey Dickerson, LF
Andrew Benintendi, LF Bobby Wilson, C
Starting Pitcher -- Rick Porcello Starting Pitcher -- Matt Andriese

Even as the Rays are finally falling off, they're still finding themselves some good young arms. Matt Andriese has come a bit out of nowhere these last two years, and while he's not exactly dominant, the Rays will love to have him around if he's able to keep putting up above league-average pitching for little money.

The Red Sox, though, will take their guy tonight. The Sox have won eleven of Rick Porcello's last 12 starts, and the only one of hose they haven't taken saw Porcello pitch 8 innings of three-run ball. As has been mentioned a fair few times before, he might well be the guy the Game 1 starter if the Red Sox were headed into a playoff series today.

Behind Porcello is the usual lineup minus Hanley Ramirez. He's only played five games since returning from the bereavement list, but after going on his nice little tear, he's back in a bit of a slide with a 2-for-14 stretch these past four games, so it's not the worst of timing.

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