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Game 125: Red Sox vs. Rays

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With the Blue Jays facing the Angels, and the Red Sox of course taking on the Rays, the race for first place in the A.L. East is, at least for the moment, a question of who can beat the bad teams they should beat. With Dickey on the mound for Toronto, the Jays can't be too horribly confident--especially if that knuckleball don't knuckle for a night--but the Sox can't exactly be confident in Buchholz either.

Long story short, it's a bit of a vulnerable night for both teams even though the opposition wouldn't exactly suggest it. As for the Orioles, they've got the Nationals, so they'd be happy just to keep pace at two games back.

Get through this, though, and there's every chance that it's relatively smooth sailing for a while from here, particularly when it comes to pitching matchups. So let's hope the Red Sox push through it with a win rather than a loss, and then tackle the home stretch with a healthy rotation.

Excuse me while I find wood to knock on.

Go Sox!