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Red Sox set to call up Andrew Benintendi on Tuesday

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The Benintendi era is beginning

Harry How/Getty Images

He's here! According to Evan Drellich of the Boston Herald, Andrew Benintendi is headed to Seattle to join the Red Sox ahead of Tuesday's game against the Seattle Mariners.

Well, it's been...actually, not a very long time in coming at all. Benintendi was signed just over 13 months ago after the Sox drafted him seventh overall. Since then he's done nothing but mash. He tore threw short-season Lowell, was given a late-season promotion to Single-A Greenville where he performed even better, started 2016 just crushing the competition in High-A Salem, and only met his match after an early-season bump to Double-A Portland.

Said match lasted two weeks. He hit .213/.255/.277 in his first 12 games as May came to an end, then .305/.362/.524 in June, and just finished off a blistering July at .329/.406/.635. The Sox only recently shifted him to left field, where he will almost certainly see most of his time defensively, but given that he was a solid defender out in center, about the only thing that could really give him trouble are the angles and the greater presence of the wall. Presumably the Sox are comfortable with what he's shown them in those departments if he's getting the call.

It's asking a lot of Benintendi to expect him to come up and slot in as even an average starter in left, much less above that. This is a guy the Sox are hoping will be a key member of their future core right alongside the likes of Betts, Bradley, and Bogaerts (I fear for Moncada, whose name starts with an M), and the jump from Double-A to the majors is not actually made all that much harder for lacking a stop in Pawtucket in-between.

That being said, this is the big one. Sure, he could pull a Betts--go out there and mash and never look back. Maybe he'll be more in-line with his Double-A self and the likes of Dustin Pedroia, struggling for a few weeks and then finding the next gear. Maybe he'll be a Bradley or Bogaerts with more long-term growing pains. And, yes, the possibility does exist he'll never get make it work at all.

But this is Boston's big opportunity to make a major addition to the lineup without a trade. They've had reasonable-or-better options locked in at most positions throughout the season, but left field has always been a bit of a mess. Brock Holt has been his usual self, fading after big starts. Chris Young briefly seemed the answer before he was felled by injury (and, really, still does have those splits). Blake Swihart gave it a good shot, but went crashing into the wall playing in unfamiliar territory and hasn't been seen since. If there's one guy who really has the chance to show up, lay claim to left, and not let go, Andrew Benintendi is the one.

At the very least, he'll give Holt the chance to stay fresh and act in the super-utility role he's best at. At the very best, he's another star in a talented lineup. Exciting times for Red Sox fans.