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Initial X-rays on David Ortiz' shin negative

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The worst has not come to pass.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Some good news to end what has been a truly awful baseball night for the Red Sox: X-rays (and something called a "fluoroscan") on David Ortiz' shin have come back negative.

[Update]: The Red Sox have clarified he only received a fluoroscan, which appears to be a real-time X-ray, though of course, I am not a doctor.

Boston's designated hitter had to be helped off the field in the ninth inning of Wednesday night's game against the Yankees after fouling a ball off his right shin. It was perhaps the single biggest heart-in-throat moment of the season, considering that--with Ortiz set to retire at the end of the year--it represented the possibility of a premature end to the career one of the team's all-time greats.

It's worth noting that we're not completely out of the woods yet on this one given that these are "initial scans" and that the Red Sox do have some history missing bone injuries on first glance. See: Jacoby Ellsbury's ribs. It's possible this is not the last we hear of this.

But at least for now what had the chance to be a season-ruining disaster of a night is just, well, a normal-sized disaster. Not exactly what we hope for, but having faced the possibility of losing Ortiz early, nothing else that happened in Fenway park seems quite so bad.