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Red Sox vs. Mariners lineups: Same old in Seattle

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It's the usual bunch in Seattle. But shouldn't there be...someone new?

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

After a quiet day, it's the same old bunch (vs. lefties) for the Red Sox Monday in Seattle--a situation which is going to start becoming more surprising by the day.


Mookie Betts, RF Guillermo Heredia, LF
Dustin Pedroia, 2B Leonys Martin, CF
Xander Bogaerts, SS Robinson Cano, 2B
David Ortiz, DH Nelson Cruz, DH
Hanley Ramirez, 1B Dae-Ho Lee, 1B
Jackie Bradley Jr., CF Kyle Seager, 3B
Aaron Hill, 3B Franklin Gutierrez, RF
Sandy Leon, C Chris Iannetta, C
Bryce Brentz, LF Shawn O'Malley, SS
Starting Pitcher -- Eduardo Rodriguez Starting Pitcher -- James Paxton

It seems like everyone was just waiting to see what was going to happen at the trade deadline before they started to make the call, but at this point...honestly, where's Andrew Benintendi? Bryce Brentz is...well, he's Bryce Brentz. He's just not very good. Brock Holt has fallen off sharply himself, and there's just no real reason not to at least give Benintendi a try. Is there any real chance that doesn't happen before September to ensure that the Red Sox can bring him to October if they want to?

Oh, sure, he could go awry. But is an unready Andrew Benintendi really significantly worse than Boston's current left field bunch? Certainly not defensively, and it's not terribly likely to set him back significantly in his development. At the worst, he's just not significantly ahead of schedule. At best? He's ready to begin his career as Boston's starting left fielder well before anyone really expected on draft day in 2015.

That he's not here tonight is no great surprise. If he's not in Seattle tomorrow, the day after that, etc. etc. etc., the question again becomes what are they waiting for? Unless Blake Swihart and Chris Young are both due back tomorrow, they may as well let Benintendi see what he's going to be up against. And even if they are both due back tomorrow, well hell, Swihart shouldn't be playing left anyways.

First pitch is at 10:10 p.m. ET with broadcasts on NESN and WEEI.