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Yoan Moncada named Baseball America's top midseason prospect

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Yoan Moncada is baseball's best prospect by Baseball America's estimation.

Kelly O'Connor

We've got a #1!

In their mid-season top-100 prospects update, Baseball America has placed the Red Sox' Yoan Moncada at the top of the mountain. It's just one spot higher than Baseball Prospectus gave him, but that one spot feels pretty big.

There's really not all that much to be said about these placements that wasn't said yesterday with BP's. They're slightly higher (at least relative to the pack) on Anderson Espinoza, who makes it all the way to #15, Andrew Benintendi, who slips into the top-10 at #9, and of course Moncada up top. Really, they've mostly just maintained their pre-season placements with other players having graduated in the interim.

The big difference to be found in the top-50 is Rafael Devers, who drops all the way from 18th to 41st after his rough start to 2016. It's a little interesting that they're willing to give Espinoza more or less a free pass for a relatively uninspiring Low-A debut due to his age and sheer stuff, but not extend the same courtesy to Devers, who is a year older and a level higher, based on his tools. One might wonder if there's something specific they're concerned about, but they do note that he's showing the ability to cope with a slump like this and bounce back in the second half, so they at least sound more positive than the ranking would suggest.

With Baseball America going 50 spots deeper then Baseball Prospectus, Michael Kopech does get a chance to make an appearance at #93. That's down a few spots from a pre-season ranking of #89, which isn't terribly surprising since the majority of the time in between was spent rehabbing a hand injury suffered in a fight, which is not the best look. He's back now, though, and ready to push for a higher ranking come the offseason.