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Red Sox 1, Angels 2: The Red Sox are a dumpster fire

Good news! This loss was so bad it pretty much has to be the exclamation mark on this travesty of a week.

Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Red Sox asked David Price to play stopper, and for the first time this year, he lived up to both the challenge and his reputation. And then they threw it all away, both literally and figuratively, in the ninth.

I just can’t with this team right now.

Eight innings the Red Sox got from Price. Eight scoreless innings. The game should have been a complete and utter lock with that alone. They were up against Jered Weaver throwing low-80s slop. Not an easy game to lose, that.

But once again, when the pitching showed up, the hitting took the day off. Sandy Leon was just about the only guy outside of Price who earned his game check today. He hit a leadoff single in the third, went first-to-third on a hit from Holt, and scored on a sacrifice fly from Mookie Betts to give the Sox their one run and the lead. Then, in Price’s one really dangerous frame, he saved that lead, throwing out Jefry Marte trying to take third in an inning that saw three hits and a walk, but ultimately no runs.

Still, with Price dealing, the Sox headed into the ninth with that one run representing a lead. And then everything went completely to hell. A leadoff infield single to third from Mike Trout led to a sharper hit from Albert Pujols. The Angels would give Ziegler some help whne Carlos Perez failed to get a bunt down and struck out in attempting to do so, but Andrelton Simmons lined one back up the middle for a hit that likely would’ve tied the game had Jackie Bradley Jr.’s arm not held Trout at third.

That brought up old friend Daniel Nava. He just missed squeezing the first pitch he saw fair past third. The second pitch was a more obvious foul past first. The third pitch resulted in a ground ball tailor-made to end the game, straight to Hanley Ramirez, playing in. Hanley scooped, fired, and gave up the game with a throw well over Leon at home, allowing not one, but two runs to score.

Just a magnificent disaster of a game when the Red Sox could not afford a loss. They’re all of half-a-game up on Houston now for that wild card spot, and playing like a cellar dweller who should be jettisoning talent rather than bringing it in. Forget June, this week is the worst baseball this city has seen in a solid year. What an absolute joke.