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Red Sox' list of untouchables suggests they're done making big deals

We've got a list of the names the Sox won't listen on, and it's a bit longer than you might expect.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

While Dave Dombrowski has remained non-committal on the Red Sox' trade plans going forward, Peter Gammons provides a list of untouchables--players that the Red Sox "have let other teams know they will not discuss"--featuring not only Yoan Moncada and Andrew Benintendi, but also Rafael Devers and Michael Kopech. And while that's not an admission that they're not interested in making another big trade, it pretty much rules out the names they would have to use to make one.

At this point, the status of these players as "untouchable" should probably come with an expiration date. These aren't necessarily the names the Red Sox will never, ever consider trading. Simply the ones they're not interested in dealing for anyone in this current market. The Sox have seen the names available at the top, decided they're just not going to be chasing them, and that nobody else will be worth a price featuring any of those four names.

Then again, there is another pool of resources to draw on: the major league roster. We discussed yesterday why dipping into that pool is unusual and generally speaking not the best idea, but the Red Sox do have a few in-between names that might find their way into talks. Eduardo Rodriguez, for instance, could be used as a chip in a deal that's aiming to improve on his spot in the rotation. Blake Swihart's name could easily be floated too.

The problem is that it's hard to imagine the Red Sox getting good value for those players right now. Rodriguez' ERA is sky high as he's struggled to return from his knee injury. Blake Swihart hasn't been seen since his ugly ankle injury, and received a clear vote-of-no-confidence in his defensive abilities behind the plate when they pushed him into the outfield.

As a result, while those players might have been enough to land a big return, it's a bit hard to see them headlining a blockbuster the likes of which a Moncada or Benintendi might.

Perhaps the most interesting part of all this is the inclusion of Kopech's name. But if it's interesting, it's entirely unclear what it means. Do the Red Sox value Kopech that highly? Have other teams been heavily after him? Is this just Dave Dombrowski salivating at the mention of a 105 MPH fastball? Or are the Sox even out on everything except mid-to-low-level rentals? Whatever the case, that Boston isn't willing to listen even on him should calm any fans afraid that the farm system is going to take any more significant hits during the season.