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Red Sox place Koji Uehara on DL, recall Noe Ramirez

Koji Uehara will not be able to dodge the disabled list after all.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Sox have placed Koji Uehara on the disabled list after he strained his pectoral muscle Tuesday night, recalling Noe Ramirez to take his place.

Obviously not the news the Sox were hoping to have for us when they said they would re-evaluate today. On the "bright" side, Uehara isn't actually as vital to the bullpen's success as his (temporary) closer role might suggest, and the unit can survive even without him. There's even some chance that this rest will make him more effective later in the year.

On the other hand...

Why Noe Ramirez?!

The Red Sox seem terrified of experimentation this year, even when the known alternative is terrible. Ramirez has been at the top of Boston's relief depth chart for the entire year even though he's done nothing but prove that he's incapable of recording outs in the majors every time he steps on the mound. His 6.55 ERA is actually better than his peripherals suggest he's been. There's just no reason to keep going to that well.

Whether that means dumping Ramirez (who probably won't even be claimed) for Kyle Martin or giving Pat Light, there are better ways to use this time, however short. Joe Kelly would be an option, too, but the Red Sox don't want to call him back up for just a couple games.

Oh well. It's just two games before Junichi Tazawa returns. But the team's refusal to try new names in favor of old ones proven terrible is headache-inducing.