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Keith Law ranks five Red Sox prospects in midseason top-50

Two in the top-5, four in the top-15, five-going-on-six in the top-50. Is that good?

Harry How/Getty Images

The Red Sox' farm system has earned plenty of love in midseason prospect rankings, but this one takes the cake. Keith Law has ranked five Red Sox in his top-50 , including two in his top-5, and four in his top-15. In fact, they might even get that up to six in total before tomorrow is over.

We'll start at the top, where you've obviously got the big four (and, within that group, the big two) taking their spots. Law flips the typical script by putting Andrew Benintendi above Yoan Moncada at three and five respectively, but that's really not the most substantial of differences. He does note that Benintendi could well make Fenway Park this season, which should be no great surprise to anyone here, and that Yoan Moncada is the "most likely to struggle right out of the gate" of all the bats who are nearly ready which probably shouldn't be all that surprising either given his age.

After the top two come Devers and Espinoza, but they're quite a bit closer than usual. Law has always been very high on Devers, and that hasn't changed based on the early struggles (as Law notes, Devers has hit .310/.359/.454 over the last 2-and-a-half months), with the third baseman taking seventh in Law's rankings. Espinoza comes in the lowest of the bunch at 14, with Law saying his season has gone "remarkably well" when considering his age. It's easy to forget just how far ahead of track Espinoza is.

Michael Kopech rounds out Boston's representation at #45, and that's with Law citing a 103 MPH fastball rather than Kopech's ridiculous new high. Law points out how difficult it is for someone to both throw this hard and last as a starter, but does give him at least a chance:

It's a frighteningly electric arm, because no one who has thrown this hard has lasted as a starter, but Kopech is a good athlete in top-flight condition, so if anyone can hold it together in the rotation it might be him.

So that's five. How about six? Not eligible for the list was one Jason Groome, who still hasn't signed with the Red Sox. If they do get him locked in before tomorrow's 5 p.m. deadline, however, Groome would land as the #5 guy in Boston's farm system (per his chat from later in the day), which would leave him somewhere between, obviously, #14 and #45 on the top-50.

There's no doubt the Red Sox have themselves an embarrassment of riches. All that changes depending on who you ask is just how embarrassing it is.